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How to Pass the Drug Test for THC without Paying

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In these hard economic times, knowing how to pass the drug test for THC without paying for anything is very important. However, is it really worth not spending a dime on products that are specifically manufactured for this purpose? Here are some of the facts about the ways that people use to pass this type of drug test for free.
Preparing another sample – Some people prefer to hide a clean urine sample in their trousers or in other places and give it to the test administrator later on while others shave their heads in order to avoid a hair follicle drug test. Both systems are flawed since not all drug test facilities are lax about searching people for hidden urine samples and test administrators can always take hair samples from other parts of the body. Giving out the wrong sample is simply not an option in a saliva or blood test since the samples are drawn directly from the examinee and then sealed off.
Water – The idea is to drink 8-12 glasses a day for a week before the drug test in order to help the body get rid of the residues faster. This does not work in urine tests and especially in blood, saliva and hair drug tests since the rate that the body metabolizes drugs does not depend on how much water you drink.
This is why the best solution is to get a product that is guaranteed to help people pass drug test efficiently.


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